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I.D.G.A.F Autographed CD

I.D.G.A.F Autographed CD

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Get ready for an explosive experience! This EP has it all – four killer songs, two bonus tracks  and a personal autograph from J Jig Cicero herself. Plus, she's also hooking you up with some awesome free gifts.

J Jig Cicero's music is all about sharing her side of the struggle and embracing life challenges. She knows firsthand that you have to sometimes be both the player and the coach in your own story.

One of her standout tracks, Happy New Year, goes beyond the typical holiday anthem. It's a powerful reminder that a happy new year can start at any moment, no matter what you're going through. Whether you're on a new journey, experiencing success, overcoming obstacles, or finding happiness in different aspects of life, this song is for you.

Experience the power of J Jig Cicero's anthem, IDGAF. This track is more than just music; it's a mindset. With its fierce lyrics and undeniable energy, it demands your attention and empowers you to stay true to yourself. Let no one take you off your path. Put your hand over your chest and proudly spit those lyrics like it's your national anthem.

Last but not least, these exclusive bonus tracks. 

Feeling yourself? Yeah, this it. Turn up. Whether you're getting ready for a night out or trying on different outfits, this track will set the mood. And then we have WERK, a hustler's anthem that celebrates hard work and determination.

This ain't just any CD, my friend. It's a piece of history, signed by the one and only J Jig Cicero herself. The energy and authenticity alone deserves a spot in your collection. Make that move. Let’s go!

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