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Pink Passion Unisex Oversized Customizable Premium Hoodie

Pink Passion Unisex Oversized Customizable Premium Hoodie

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Level up your street cred with I.D.G.A.F Worldwide's Unisex Oversized Hoodie. This ain't your regular hoodie – it's oversized in all the right ways. Want that true streetwear vibe? Order one size up.

Crafted from an 80% cotton, 20% recycled polyester fleece blend, this hoodie's all about comfort without compromisin' on style. Rock it with confidence, rock it with attitude – it's made for makin' a statement.

A super soft premium hoodie with its relaxed fit and lined hood, this hoodie's got that laid-back swagger. No drawcord needed – we keep it simple yet sleek. Dropped shoulders? You know it, bringin' that modern edge to the game. And that kangaroo pocket? It's there for the drip and the practicality.

Check this out – the waistband? It's as smooth as can be, no ribbing. And guess what? It's customizable too. Your name on back and birth year, front and center, reppin' "I.D.G.A.F since [birth year]" – it's all about personalizin' your style, your way.

Disclaimer: The brushed interior of this hoodie tends to shed. To reduce visible traces of lint on clothes, avoid wearing dark colors under light-colored clothes and vice versa.


Size guide

  LENGTH (inches) WIDTH (inches) SLEEVE LENGTH (inches)
S 27 ¾ 22 ½ 22 ½
M 28 ¾ 23 ½ 22 ½
L 29 ¾ 24 ¾ 24 ¼
XL 30 ¾ 26 24 ¼
2XL 31 ¾ 27 ¼ 25 ½
3XL 32 ¾ 28 ¼ 27
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